Cushing Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Brent Thompson made his first speaking engagement Thursday at Cushing Rotary Club.

After a bit of personal background, Thompson gave club members a few examples of  his vision for Cushing.

“Cushing Chamber seems to have primarily been an event-driven Chamber with phenomenal success so far,” Thompson said.  “However, I would like to see value added for members.”  He went on to cite the downturn in economy along with a change in attitudes of today’s entrepreneurs as reasons to think in that direction.

“Previous generations had the attitude of ‘what can I give back to my community’ but today’s generation has more of the ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude.”

Thompson gave several examples of ways to give members more bang for their buck, but conceded that board members would have a significant say in any such proposals.  “I think it is just something we need to look at,” he said.

Thompson also expressed his desire to have the Chamber website “tell Cushing’s story.”

Thompson was named the new executive director on Monday, Jan. 4th.