Rotarians had a special guest speaker at their weekly meeting on Thursday, Sept. 17th – Rotary District Governor – Dr. Tamie Babb.  

Babb is certainly no stranger to Cushing Rotarians – being a member of the club herself and recently serving as club president.

“I’m really proud of our district and particularly our club,” Babb told her fellow Rotarians.  “We do a good job.”

Babb said she is enjoying her travels around Oklahoma as Governor.  “I’ve really enjoyed traveling around to new places,” she said.  “I didn’t know even there was a Billings, Oklahoma – and the people are friendly and nice!”

Babb challenged the group saying, “It’s up to each Rotarian as to how you want Rotary to be perceived – the future of Rotary is in your hands.”

Cushing Rotary meets each Thursday at noon at the Steer Inn Restaurant.