Rotarian of the Day, Harry Escott introduced his special guest, Tyler Laughlin at Thursday’s weekly Rotary meeting.
Escott extended the invitation to Laughlin at a Town Hall meeting with Congressman Frank Lucas, (Rep.) recently held in Cushing.  Laughlin is Lucas’ assistant and a native of Woodward, OK.

“It’s always good to be in Cushing,” Laughlin told the receptive crowd. 

Laughlin, 23, graduated from OU with a degree in finance and a minor in political science about the same time as the banking industry began tanking which is what led him to politics.  “I had the chance to work with Congressman Lucas and I took it,” Laughlin said.  “I feel blessed to have this opportunity.”

Laughlin told the group that constituents all over the state have Congressman Lucas “pretty fired up” right now.  “Frank is a pretty laid back guy,” he said, “but he is definitely fired up right now.”  Cap and Trade and healthcare, being just two of the things Lucas is currently fired up about.

Laughlin invited folks to check out their website for more information:  or on Facebook.  He also encouraged people to check out the Patient Choice bill being headed up by Senator Tom Coburn (Rep.) by visiting his website at