(Cushing, Ok)  Currently Highway 33 East between Drumright and Sapulpa remains closed.   KUSH spoke with both the fire department and the police department within in the last hour.

The Cushing Fire department is reporting that there are NO new fires in the area.  The fire fighters continue to battle hot spots from last night’s fires in the areas where fire ravished rural areas just outside the city proper.  There are no NEW FIRE BREAKOUTS at this time.   KUSH will report any new information, should there be further areas that could be reported as NEW fire breakouts.

The Cushing Police Department provided the road closing information for Highway 33.  

Please limit non-emergency calls to both of these departments as they are very busy in communications about the current events that they are dealing with.   If you have an emergency, please dial 911.   Please do not drive into areas that have been affected by these wild fires – heavy traffic could prohibit emergency workers from doing their job in these areas.  Power lines are down in these areas and emergency teams need to be able to work without concerns of “on lookers” in these areas.

It has been reported that Governor Fallin will be surveying damage in the Drumright area as well as rural areas today.

Keep your radio dial on 1600 AM radio, our streaming link, our facebook page and our website for updates as they occur today.  KUSH is out in the areas affected by these fires and at the station today to bring you the latest information for our area.

Remember those who continue to deal with this situation as it happens.   They are truly community heros. 

Some rural area residents have lost everything, others have been spared.  Our hearts and prayers are with those families today as we continue to update our listeners.