Well folks, I reeeeeally wanted that

adorable sweet little red head, you know, Miss Vickie Holderread one of

the owner s and operators of Cushing Lumber Company to talk with me

live on the air. Too modest and too shy she sent Ricky Lofton to

represent Cushing Lumber Company and he did a fine job. I’ve patronized

the lumberyard many times over the years, Ricky is almost always there,

however I never knew his name or anything about him. To me he

seemed kinda quiet though always helpful,cheerful and always busy.

That’s the fun of the Business Spotlight – to put a face on the Business.  Ricky Lofton has been with Cushing Lumber for over 25 years – and I must say.

he’s got a pretty good face.  It was a pleasant and surprising

interview. I had no idea he was Annie’s dad. Annie is Daniel

Hernandezs’ (owner of Rodolfo’s) wife. He does not look old enough to

be Annie’s dad, period. Ricky L is also an Elk and the outgoing

“Grand Poo Bah”. He told us that -other than the government – the Elks raise the largest amount of

money for scholarships. The Cushing Lumber

Company is family owned and operated and has been around for over 65

years. Their slogan is “We can meet all you building needs”. The are

located smack dab in the middle of Main Street, 924 E. Main to be

exact. Right now they have all your spring supplies and also in stock

Tamko Roofing products. They have a brand new line of Dewalt power

tools, Benjamin Moore paints and they are always having a sale. Right

now they have wheel barrows for $59 and shovels for $5.99.And these are

the good wheel barrows. They are open Mon- Friday 7:30-5pm and

Saturdays till 12:30. And if you want to call them, their number is

(918)22-1713. If they don’t have it,they will try to get it for you.

Ricky and I were talking after the show about our common role in actively

supporting the locally owned and operated businesses. The KUSH slogan  “Try local first” is an attempt to direct traffic to these family

owned and operated businesses so they might have a chance to prove to

you their pricing is competitive, their products and services are

premium and by shopping locally it is a win-win. So check out Cushing

Lumber Company Say hi to Vickie, Larry, Ryan and Ricky. Thanks Ricky

Lofton for being on our show!