News release

(April 7, 2020) — In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, hospital, testing sites and other medical facilities may find the need to erect tents or like temporary structures in the community.  OKIE 811, and its utility partners, would like to remind you that the driving of stakes for the installation of tents creates a risk of damaging a buried utility line.

When there is a requirement for temporary emergency medical sites or when an essential business needs to setup outside employee screening where employees are screened prior to entering their work site, and tents or other ground penetrating poles are needed, the following process is to be used:

The excavator will contact OKIE811 to submit an EMERGENCY locate request (i.e. ticket)

The excavator will indicate that the Work Type is:  “Temporary Emergency Medical Site.”

Emergency Tickets with this description in the Work Type field should be prioritized when locate requests are processed by the underground facility operator.

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