Saturday morning, Cushing Police Department launched a community partnership with local residents by opening the new police firearms training facility to the public.  The department’s National Rifle Association Certified Instructor Sgt. Tully Folden was on hand to help orient and educate citizens about the safe use of their firearms.

Chief Terry Brannon said, “This is the very first time we have ever opened our firearms training facility to the public. The vision that has been cast as a result of this new program for our stakeholders, our citizens, will forge a very strong bond between police and the citizens we serve. As the police department, we are reinvesting in them, our citizens, what they have invested in us through paid training and taxpayer supported facility upgrades.”

Brannon continued, “Simply, it is an exciting time for our community and police department when you are able to launch a new program like this one. Without question, General Manager Steve Spears, Mayor John Henckel and the Commission should be thanked for embracing our vision and helping ensure the facility that is being used today came to fruition.”

In the future, the police department will offer additional opportunities for Cushing residents to take advantage of new firearms training facility. Anyone with questions is welcome to call the police department Monday thru Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., at 225-1212 and speak with Chief Brannon or Sgt. Folden.