I wonder how many of you do not know that people from all over the world come right here to Cushing OK, to the private estate of Sam and Sharrie Withiam to capture the elk trophy of their dreams. I was surprised to find many of you had never heard of places like Trophy Elk Outfitters.  It is all pretty exciting for me to find them and be able to introduce these people and businesses to you. Recently, on the Business Spotlight, we welcomed Sharie Withiam of Trophy Elk Outfitters. Approximately three miles south of the Cushing Airport is the historical, Turkey Track Ranch, and home to some of the largest elk in the world. If you have not been to their web site www.trophyelkoutfitters.com …you must. I am positive you will be impressed. I love the photo gallery. A Hunter’s Story is very good too. Check it out as well. The Lodge and facilities on the ranch offer hunters a memorable elk hunting experience, that include private and semi-private lodging, all-you-can-eat home-style meals (always including elk cooked in a variety of delicious ways). I was able to tour the facilities and they are stunning, the artifacts, paintings, and memorabilia are a treasure trove and it was hard for me to take it all in.

Sharrie and I did not talk much about the ranch because we were too busy talking about the K-9 Rejuvenator and the Velcosamine. Sharrie told us how the Elk antlers are cut off at the right time and at the base of the antler, both lending the highest quality of potency. This is without any harm to the elk (they grow back), and the antlers are dried, ground, and processed into a pill form for your dogs. The K-9 rejuvenator is so much more than just a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement. It is all natural and it has over 40 essential nutrients. You can go to www.k-9health.com to find out all the facts and to order on line. Sharrie said live on the air, that if you say you heard it on the KUSH she would give you a free sample.

 They have also developed one similar for human consumption. The people pill is super high in calcium, has many all-natural nutrients, and boosts your energy as well. I could actually be one of the testimonials and you can take my word on it because I have been taking the velcosamine and it works well. So, there you have it. Trophy Elk Outfitters, Velcosamine, K-9 Rejuvenator and rumor has it that they will be selling elk meat very soon. Right now, you may purchase it by…like….1/3 of the whole animal. You might want to call Sharrie on that one. I love bison and venison so I am quite sure that elk is delicious and nutritious. I am a big meat eater. Sharrie, Sam and several others are the ones that put on the Grace Play around Easter time, out on their ranch, and Tony and I thought it was pretty good. Another great moment in the Business Spotlight.  Thank you Sharrie Withiam, it was a pleasure. 

For more information on Trophy Elk Outfitters or any of their fine products, call Sharrie at 918-225-3541.