Priority roads have been identified for travel throughout the city as snow continues this afternoon.

Snow continues this afternoon, and as such, the following streets will be continuously maintained to promote better travel throughout the city:

North and South Roads…….

-Little Street from 9th to Main Street

-Highland Street from 9th to Main Street

-Linwood from 9th to Main Street

-Highway 18 (Little Street North of Main Street) (Maintained by ODOT)

East and West Roads………

-Broadway Street to Linwood Street

-9th Street to Linwood Street

-Main Street (Maintained by ODOT)

City Manager Steve Spears said, “We really encourage our citizens to remain at home unless it is absolutely necessary to travel. I have instructed our Street Services Division and police command staff to continuously assess the road and traction conditions throughout the city so we can do all that we can to ensure our designated snow routes are maintained, in addition to the major intersections.” Spears continued,”We are always working as hard as we can to promote safety when inclement weather conditions hamper our city like this afternoon.”