Tuesday evening just after 10:00 p.m., Cushing police received a call from a citizen after a fire hydrant was discovered running near the intersection of 4th and Howerton Street. Identical incidents were reported throughout the evening near the intersections of Cherry and Central Streets, and 4th and Noble Streets. Police were unable to identify the person or persons responsible for last night’s pranks.

Cushing police Sgt. Mark Jobe initially investigated last night’s incidents. Sgt. Jobe said, “While no suspect was developed, persons living in the area of the first open hydrant told me that they heard what sounded like a small import car with a loud exhaust leave the area after the hydrant was discovered open.”

Fire department officers responded and closed two of the open fire hydrants. A third fire hydrant was closed by Sgt. Jobe.

Fire Chief Brent Kerr said, “While this is considered a prank by most, it can have a considerable affect on the fire department if there is a fire in an area where a hydrant was turned on. In addition, it is an awful waste of our precious water resources.”

Anyone with information about who may be opening fire hydrants is encouraged to contact the police department at (918) 225-1212.