By Patti Weaver
    (Stillwater, Okla.)  — A Perkins woman accused of kicking a Stillwater police officer in the face — nine days after she was placed on probation for kicking a Perkins police officer in the abdomen and head — has been jailed on $25,000 total bail pending an Oct. 4 court appearance at which she can seek a preliminary hearing on her latest charge.
    Due to her prior felony convictions, Alicia Renee Waitt, 26, could be given a prison term from four years to life if convicted of assault and battery on a police officer, court records show.
    Waitt was arrested at 11:44 pm on Sept. 5 — nine minutes after Stillwater Police Officer James Droescher was sent to the 2100 block of E. 6th Street regarding a fight in progress between two women, an affidavit said.
    “I informed Alicia that she was under arrest for public intoxication and escorted her to my patrol car for transport. Alicia became uncooperative and I had to apply upward pressure to her arm to get her to move to my vehicle.
When I attempted to interview Alicia, she continued to yell at bystanders cursing at them,” Officer Droescher alleged in his affidavit.
    Officer Droescher spoke to the other woman, who said “Alicia had approached her mother’s vehicle and attempted to get inside. (She) said that she told Alicia to get away from the vehicle and Alicia assaulted her,” and they got in a fist fight, but she did not want to press charges, the affidavit alleged.
    “While speaking with (the other woman), Alicia began to act violently while in the back seat of my patrol unit. I could see that Alicia was banging herself around in the back seat and Officer (Damian) Neiswanger informed me that she had begun to kick the door.
    “While Officer Neiswanger went to the back driver’s side of the vehicle to take control of Alicia, I collected a leg restraint strap from the front passenger side of my patrol vehicle. As I approached the driver’s side of the vehicle, I could see that Alicia was kicking at Officer Neiswanger. I placed Alicia into leg restraints at that time.
    “Officer Neiswanger informed me that Alicia had kicked him in the face when he was attempting to gain control of her. Alicia again began to bang her head against the transport cage. While enroute to the jail, Alicia began to threaten me and my family. Alicia stated that the Cartel was going to kill me and my family,” Officer Droescher alleged in an affidavit.
    Only nine days earlier Waitt had been placed on five years’ probation, except 90 days in the Payne County Jail with credit for time served, as part of a plea bargain in which her attorney told the judge, “Her mother has made arrangements for her to be immediately transported to an in-patient treatment program.”
    In that June 10 attack on Perkins Police Officer Jason Thompson, “Alicia Waitt said that the Cartel was going to come and take care of me. Alicia Waitt said she was going to tell them that I broke her arm and they would be coming to take care of me and all of my family,” his affidavit said.
    A year ago, Waitt had been put on five years of probation with an order to undergo random drug testing for illegally using a relative’s car. “While in front of the passenger side transport compartment, Waitt stated that she was going to take off running and that I was just going to have to kill her,” according to an affidavit by Perkins Police Officer Daryn Zanfardino, who said he put her inside the transport compartment for her safety.