Priscilla Smith, Immunizations Expert from the Payne County Health Department, presented an interesting program Tuesday regarding past and present flu pandemics and their prevention through vaccination.


The H1N1 Flu that has plagued citizens globally is preventable by a free vaccination given by the Health Department on Fridays until 4 PM.  Nasal mist immunizations are available for citizens under 50 years of age.  Injections are available for those over 50.  The H1N1 vaccination is free, provided by federal funding, an is open to everyone of all ages.  Cushing area citizens are urged to take advantage of this free offering.


Ms. Smith also gave each Lions’ Club members the chart of “Lifetime Vaccination Schedule” which includes all vaccinations available from the Payne County Health Department. These charts and vaccinations are available through the local office located at 1026 N. Linwood, 225-3377.


Lions will be in the Cushing Christmas Parade with a float, according to Lou Griffin, coordinator.  All Lions are encouraged to participate in the making and enjoyment of the day of the parade, Saturday, Dec. 5th, 2 pm.


For more information about the Lions Club, call 225-2721 or online at our website,