(Stillwater) – The Payne County Board of Commissioners will meet Monday Morning at 9:00 AM in their regular scheduled weekly meeting. Among the itesm on the agenda are evaluation of bids for asphalt overlay from Euchee Valley Road to the Cushing City limits on ninth street. The complete agenda is posted below.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Suite 200/201, County Administration Building

315 W. 6th Avenue

County Commissioners Meeting Room

Regular Meeting – 9:00 A.M.


1. Meeting called to order by CHAIRMAN – Gloria Hesser

2. Invocation and Flag Salute

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Miscellaneous items from the Audience (no action will be taken)

5. Discussion/Possible Action on Public Appearances/Petitions

A. Telephone and utility permits

6. Discussion/Possible Action on Bid Openings – 10:00

A. Bid Opening of Bid #2009-03 Used bucking chutes – Payne County Fairgrounds

7. Discussion/Possible Action on Evaluations –

A. Evaluate Bid #2009-01 Asphalt Overlay of 9th Street from Euchee Valley to Cushing City Limits East

8. Discussion/Possible Action on Reports from Officers and Boards

A. Reimbursement for scrap iron from Scott Koester

B. Contract with Alcohol and Drug Testing – Dist. #1 & Dist. #3

C. Grader sold at Auction – Dist. #1

D. Resolution #2008-20 Asphalt Overlay of Euchee Valley to Cushing City Limits East

E. Contract with Quapaw on Asphalt Overlay of 9th street from Euchee Valley to Cushing City Limits East

F. Renewal of Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma Dues

G. Contract between Payne County Health Department and William Belford for Security Services

H. Request to use Courthouse Lawn – Kevin Jobe

I. Request for Traffic Control Signs

J. Ingress and Egress Agreements

K. Removal of Equipment items from Inventory

L. Appointment of Requisitioning and Receiving Officers

M. Cash Appropriations

N. Transfer of Appropriations

O. Purchase Orders: Blanket/Tabled/Disallowed

P. Monthly Reports

9. Vote to enter into Executive Session: Joseph A. Courtright VS. Board of County Commissioners, Payne County CIV-08-230-D Possible Executive Session for the purpose of confidential communications between the Board of County Commissioners of the County of Payne and its attorney concerning the federal lawsuit previously referenced. Public disclosure of these confidential communications would seriously impair the ability of the Board and its attorney to properly process and defend this litigation. As such, the communications in this Executive Session are confidential Authority Title 25 Oklahoma Statute Section 307B4

10. Vote to adjourn Executive Session and return to Regular Meeting

11. Public Announcements from the Board (No Action will be taken)

12. Discussion and Possible Action on Minutes

13. New Business

14. Discussion and Possible Action on Purchase Orders

15. Adjournment