Media Release

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is proud to announce that sixty-one (61) cadets are graduating from the 66th Academy on Thursday, July 16th.

The Academy started with ninety-seven (97) cadets on February 28th. The cadets underwent 20 weeks of intense training that included traffic and criminal law, arrest procedures, accident reconstruction, first aid and Spanish. They also received training in use of force, communication skills and de-escalation tactics, firearms, driving, criminal interdiction and physical fitness. Part of the Academy had to be conducted remotely because of concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Despite the challenges presented during this Academy and having to conduct a portion remotely, these cadets are graduating fully prepared to serve and protect our citizens on the roadways,” said OHP Chief, Colonel Brent Sugg. “We are extremely proud of them and the staff of this Academy for the way they’ve conducted themselves during uncertain times.”

This graduating class includes one (1) female, one (1) Black, five (5) Hispanic, two (2) American Indian, one (1) Pacific Islander and one (1) Asian Trooper.

There are five (5) legacies graduating from this Academy. Four (4) of the cadets have fathers who are/were Troopers and one cadet has both a father and grandfather who were OHP Troopers.

The graduation ceremony will be held at 10:00 a.m. Thursday,  July 16th in a closed ceremony. Each cadet will have one guest that will pin their badge during the ceremony. Other OHP staff attending will be limited and everyone attending will be wearing a mask.

The ceremony will be live streamed on the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Facebook page for anyone interested in watching.

Graduating cadets next enter the “break-in” phase of their training. They will ride with another Trooper for thirteen (13) weeks before working the roads on their own.