As you know, Cushing Middle School is the site for our district-wide bus exchange. We have hundreds of kids exchanging buses in a matter of

minutes after school each morning and afternoon.

We want to assure parents that we are trying to create a way to help keep everyone safer during the congested afternoon exchange. The CMS

administration will implement new rules about leaving school grounds in an effort to maintain the safety of all students in the district beginning Dec. 3.

Bus riders will be dismissed to the gymnasium after the regular bell is sounded at 3:25 pm to dismiss school. Another bell will sound at 3:30 pm to let bus riders know they are to be seated in the gym on the west side of the bleachers. CMS students who ride a bus will not be allowed to board the buses until the elementary children have made their exchange and will remain in the gym until they are dismissed.

Students who have car rides after school will be dismissed at the regular time and picked up by the CMS sign on the south side of the school and will not be allowed anywhere on Steele Street in the two block area of the bus exchange. Rides are to pick up students on the south side of the school and not in the area of the bus exchange.

Students who walk home will have to leave the campus immediately when school is dismissed and should not be seen in the two block area of the bus exchange. Thank you for cooperating with us in this effort to keep everyone safe.


Pat Elder, Principal


Sally Wright, Assistant Principal