This week’s Neighbor Of The Week is Kerri Marks, Cushing Regional Hospital’s Marketing Director, is a busy lady.  Marks is in charge of the Senior Focus group at the hospital in addition to her many duties at the hospital.  Carolyn Allison nominated Kerri because of her caring attitude with her Senior Focus members. When a Senior Focus member is in the hospital, Kerri always makes time to visit them and also remembers their birthday with a card.  Everyone at Senior Focus loves Kerri.  Carolyn stated “Kerri is our shining ray of sunshine” in her submission to KUSH.  Because of Kerri’s excellent leadership, the Health Fair held recently at the hospital was a complete success.  In Carolyn’s submission she told of how very dedicated to Marks is to her job and it was rumored that she was up most of the night before the Health Fair, finalizing everything.  Allison said that Kerri had it very organized and felt everyone enjoyed the fruits of Kerri’s labor at the fair.
Carolyn feels that Kerri deserves this special recognition for doing such a wonderful job and caring for the senior citizens of Cushing.

Congratulations, Kerri Marks!