Communities across the country will take time out to decorate,honor and remember loved ones once again during this Memorial Day Weekend.

The Fairlawn-New Zion Cemetery is no exception to the holiday fast approaching. Each year, Fairlawn-New Zion Cemetery relies on donations from the public and families to maintain the beauty of the cemetery located north on Highway 18, between Cushing and Highway 51. Volunteers will be at the cemetery during the holiday weekend to accept donations.

Monday, May 26, Memorial Day will be officially celebrated with special services to be held at 10 am at the cemetery, honoring Veterans and loved ones who have been laid to rest in Fairlawn-New Zion Cemetery.

Donations are accepted throughout the year and are tax deductible. If you are unable to attend this year’s ceremony, mail your donation today to:

Fairlawn-New Zion Cemetery

P.O. Box 1494

Cushing, Oklahoma 74023

Thank you for your part in maintaining and caring for some of Cushing’s most historical records, our cemeteries within the community.