What can I say about that Masterbuilt Construction guy, Doug Spires?  Well, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Doug, is his wife Becky – owner/operator of Beau Monde.  But the second thing that comes to mind is the fact Doug and his co-worker Toby Holly, believe in doing things RIGHT!  I’m sure Toby would have talked about that, but the only time he had the opportunity to say anything was when Doug had to answer a phone call during the show.  It was then that we talked about his wife Shelly.  Shelly suffers from a little-known disease called Dystonia.  She is currently working with some doctors and specialists to spread the word about Dystonia and its misdiagnosis.  

But back to Doug and Masterbuilt Construction…

If you have ever visited Oak Grove Baptist Church, you have seen Doug’s work.  Those beautiful ceiling beams were steamed and bent by Doug.  Another example of his work – Naifeh’s  Yep, he built it.

One of the things Doug talked about is the importance of gaining the confidence and respect of clients through final results.  He talked about the importance of doing the job right the first time and the cost of having to do something over.

One might think Doug is a bit of a perfectionist – and that would be a good thing – especially if you are having a home or business built.

Doug also mentioned the expectations of the client vs the budget they may have set.  Sometimes they just don’t match up – fancy little details can certainly add up!  However, if you plan on living there a long time – make it your castle.  Or as Doug likes to ask, “What is it worth to you?”  

Doug – who looks like a lumberjack to me – is hard workin’ man and says there is “no job too big or too small.”  He is passionate about keeping local dollars at home by using local contractors and businesses as much as possible.  He went on to do a little name dropping – Favco Electric and Cushing Plumbing – just to name a couple.

Doug was easy to talk to – and as you can see by his picture, he is reeeeally laid back.

Clearly, Doug Spires loves what he does and he’s dang good at it.

“Gifted” is the word, I think.

He’s a big kidder, and yet very professional and serious about Masterbuilt Construction and the job at hand.  His reputation as a builder is very important to him.

Thanks to Doug Spires and his “silent” partner Toby Holly for coming on the show.  It was informative and fun!


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