Ok! So here is yet another woman among us who exhibits woman empowerment in a man’s world…. Marcella Blackburn actually knows what to do with a set of sockets. I really do not know many women, besides my sister Mona, who even knows how to change the oil in a car. However, Marcella Blackburn can change the oil and has actually fixed transmissions and worked on cars many times over the years. If she breaks down, it is not unusual for her to…well to just fix it right there along side the road. Now this is a very soft-spoken feminine lady, a musician, a mother and well,
not someone you would typically picture underneath the hood of a car. I bet she even looks cute in grease. Personally, I find that encouraging and inspiring. I have been at the mercy of mechanics…men, all of my life. My point is, car mechanics are French to me, but it sure would be nice to be able to fix my car myself and then treat myself with the money I saved on things like reeeally expensive lip-gloss or a massage.

Owners/Operators Marcella and Fred Blackburn, have lived in Cushing since around 1974 when they opened up Blackburn’s Transmissions. I was nervous about Marcella’s interview, since I did not know the first thing about transmissions. Sean put together some great questions for me. However because Marcella, like so many people in our area, was delightfully interesting, we never got around to those questions. Marcella and Fred, at one time played in a local band, so we talked a lot about her experiences traveling around playing bluegrass. At this time, they are very involved in the expansion of their church in Yale. 

The Blackburns have been in the business for almost 40 years, making them experts in the field of transmission. Marcella expressed how strongly she and Fred strive for a positive relationship with their customers based on trust, commitment and caring. Their brochures, made readily available, explain the company philosophy and their commitment to integrity, community respect and also how they credit their success to the quality of their work and how well they treat their customers. I think that says a lot. I strongly believe in and support our family owned
and operated businesses. I love my car and I usually drive them until they well..die. Transmission work can be a major investment and I want it done right. I honestly feel we have the best of the best right here in Cushing.
 Blackburn’s Transmissions is located at 700 N. Kings highway west of Cushing or you can call (918)225-2686.
 Marcella and hopefully Fred Blackburn will be back so we can get to those questions. Thank you, Marcella. You’re quite a woman!!