(Stillwater, Okla.) — A man who was originally accused of sending text messages containing pictures of his penis to a woman at the Stillwater Medical Center has been placed on three years’ probation on a reduced charge of using a cell phone system to violate state law, to which he pleaded guilty.

Cameron Kyle Bass, 21, of Coyle, was given a deferred sentence on Oct. 10 with the conditions that he perform 100 hours of community service, which he has already completed, pay a $750 fine and contribute $250 to the victims’ compensation fund, court records show.

A woman at the Stillwater Medical Center told a police officer last year that “an unknown person had been sending her pictures of his erect penis,” according to an affidavit.

The woman told Stillwater Police Sgt. Paul Priegel “she had no idea who was sending the messages and was concerned because she has younger children that use her phone at times,” the affidavit said.

“The male continued to send pictures and make suggestive comments after being informed that he had the wrong number,” the affidavit said.

After the phone number was tracked to the defendant, Stillwater Police Detective Mary Jurczewsky talked to Bass, who said he had not distributed any obscene material to anyone, the affidavit said.

“I told Bass in the multimedia text message was a picture of an erect penis. Bass appeared nervous and his voice cracked when he told me it wasn’t him,” Jurczewsky wrote in her affidavit.

“I asked Bass if anyone else had access to his cell phone and he told me ‘no.’ I asked Bass if he didn’t send the multimedia text message and no one had access to his phone, then who sent the message,” Jurczewsky wrote in her affidavit.

“Bass asked me if I was going to arrest him and take him to jail. I told Bass I was not going to arrest him today,” the detective wrote in her affidavit.

Bass then admitted he sent the woman the multimedia text message, the affidavit alleged.

“Bass explained he was just joking around and sent the picture of his erect penis to a random number,” the affidavit alleged.

“Bass told me he didn’t know who was receiving the multimedia message.

“I told Bass (the woman) sent him a message and asked him to stop because she didn’t know him,” the detective wrote in her affidavit.

“I asked Bass why he didn’t stop. Bass said he was just playing around and didn’t think it was a big deal,” the detective alleged in her affidavit.