STILLWATER — A Stillwater man who was accused of getting two girls, age 14 and 15, drunk and coercing them into skinny dipping in the Cimarron River near Ripley, while he allegedly looked at them, avoided a jury trial Monday by pleading guilty to reduced charges.

Donald Eugene Curtis, 55, was also accused of coercing the younger girl to go skinny dipping at Lake Carl Blackwell while he looked at her and allegedly fondled her in the water, according to court documents.

On Monday when Curtis was scheduled to stand trial on four counts of lewd acts on a child, prosecutor Kathy Thomas amended his charges to two counts of assault with intent to commit a felony, to which Curtis pleaded guilty.

District Judge Donald Worthington ordered a background investigation of Curtis, who was allowed to remain free on $5,000 bail conditioned on Curtis’s having no contact with his alleged victims. Curtis was ordered to return to court Nov. 7 for sentencing.

The younger girl told her mother about the alleged July 2005 incidents sometime in the fall of 2005, but her mother did not protect her from Curtis after the disclosure, Stillwater Police Detective Greg Miller alleged in an affidavit.

The younger girl reported the alleged molestation to the Stillwater Police Department in February 2006, the affidavit said.

Curtis was the boyfriend of the mother of one of the girls, Stillwater Police Detective Lt. Mike Metcalf said.