Lions Club members welcomed special guest speaker Martha Rongey at their regular club meeting on Tuesday. Rongey, the Eastern Oklahoma Junior Achievement event coordinator, was introduced by Lion of the Day Cash Maitlen.

Rongey, in a Power Point presentation, gave a brief overview of what Junior Achievement is all about.

“Junior Achievement helps prepare students for the economics of life,” Rongey said.

Rongey told the group how Junior Achievement began in 1919 as an after-school program that taught students how to make items and sell them for a profit. While JA has expanded considerably since then, the concept is still the same – to help teach students relevant concepts of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

According to Rongey, Cushing has participated in the program for some time now.

“Mike Tuttle has been very involved with the program,” Rongey said. Tuttle teaches economics at Cushing High School.

Another favorite in the program is Biz Town. JA BizTown gives students in grades 4 – 6 the opportunity to “practice citizenship, voting, business operation, budgeting and personal finance in a realistic city design.”

Unfortunately Cushing students will not be able to attend Biz Town this year.

“But they’ll be back next year,” Rongey said.

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