Recently Cimarron Valley Humane Society representatives Rebecca Stowers and Marj Satterfield were the guests of the Lions Club.

After a brief hello from Stowers, the program was turned over to Satterfield who told the group about the now very successful “Parole-a-Pet” program set up by Cimarron Valley Humane Society and Cimarron Correctional Facility. Together they bring sheltered dogs into the facility where – with the guidance of a licensed dog trainer (Satterfield) – the inmates train and care for the dogs through a 10-week obedience course. The course consists of basic obedience commands. By the end of the course, the dogs are crate and house broken and ready to be placed into a caring home.

“We have seen such success with the program so far,” Satterfield said. “There are men who have never touched an animal in years – not only do the dogs benefit from the training, so do the inmates.”

Satterfield hopes at some point – perhaps once the prison expansion is completed – to not only train and certify inmates to be obedience trainers, but to teach grooming as well.

Prisoners must meet strict criteria before being accepted into the program. Currently there are 10 dogs in training with two inmates per animal. One serves as the primary trainer and the other the secondary trainer – at the next pet rotation the trainers switch roles.

Just like everything else – the program takes money. The Humane Society provides veterinarian care to all the animals. That includes vaccinations, heart worm test/and or treatment, spay/neuter before made available for adoption and any other services needed to insure the animals are healthy.

The newest program announced by Cimarron Valley Humane Society is called “Sponsor a Parolee.” An individual or group can sponsor one of the dogs currently in the inmate training program. Sponsors receive a photo of the dog and its trainer along with his history. Each week the sponsor receives email updates, graduation photos as well as photos of the family who adopts the animal. Even after adoption, the sponsor can receive information regarding the “parolee’s” new life.

Sponsorships cost $300.

What are some other things you can do to help? The CVHS has put together the following “wish list” of items needed. If there is something you can provide or you have questions about any of these programs, please contact Marj Satterfield @ (918) 504-1685 or Rebecca Stowers @ (918) 225-3785 or send an email to: [email protected]

Cimarron Valley Humane Society

“Wish List”

Crates of all sizes – new and gently used


Flea and Tick repellent

Towels and sheets and blankets


Stainless steel buckets and bowls

Office supplies, stamps, paper, etc.

Dog and Cat toys of all kinds

Premium quality Cat and Dog food

Really BIG Wishes

Mini-van to transport animals out of the elements

Color printer/scanner/fax machine

Grooming table

Grooming clippers/scissors, brushes, combs, nail clippers, etc.

Video camera