(Cushing, Okla) Jim Pickard, President of the local Lions Club International, called his meeting to order today at 12:15 p.m. The agenda started with song and pledge by Lion Jerry Snider. This was followed by prayer requests for local families along with prayer by Russ Thurman.

Lions Club then introduced the guest Red Dirt Media.

Today’s agenda did not include any items of correspondence for President Pickard to go over. He did, however, announce that a training class had been held in OKC this past Saturday. Tail Twister Kevin Clouse announced $5.55 collected during today’s meeting.

Tom Cummings gave and update on the “Spot Vision” eye camera that will be used to check children’s vision in local and state grade schools.

Lion “and” City Manager Stephen Spears spoke to the “club” today about “City” business: A brief run down of some of the “Capital” items that have “or” will be invested in were gone over. Here are a few of those “Capital” items: New computers/Microsoft based email (replacing XP Computers/Microsoft won’t be keeping up with patches for), a new dog shelter and computers in the ambulances (3).

The meeting adjourned around 01:05 (pm).

A board meeting followed.

Cushing Lions Club meets each Tuesday at noon in the Lions Den in downtown Cushing.