My name is Lee Skinner from Cushing Community United.  My wife Johna and I started the July 4th project in 2016 for our Community as an idea.  We are writing an open letter with an idea.  A vision.  This idea would bring great economic growth to Cushing.  Nearly every business in Cushing would benefit from this.  Our idea is for the City of Cushing to build, own, and operate it.  It would be Cushing Raceway Park and Expo.  The proposed location would be behind Walmart.  It would include bringing racers in from 48 different states, along with spectators from all over Oklahoma to watch.  This would not only create more businesses in Cushing but more jobs as well.  In addition to the race track, it would be a multi-purpose facility.  Such as:  Monster Truck events, Mud Boggs, Musicial Events, Carnivals, Swap Meets, Car Shows, & July 4th along with many other events are possible.

This project is very expensive but not as expensive as the Public Safety Center.  The Public Safety Center was approximately $6 million.  This project would cost approximately $2.5 million.  We all came together as a Community to fund the project of the Safety Center through a bond.  The bond is just about to reach it’s maturity.  We are asking the Community to come together to extend the existing bond to fund this project.  We approached the City with this idea.  They thought it was a good idea but eventually turned us down.  They have other plans in mind for the bond, and I assure you that it has less of a benefit to the Community than this project will.

We are all about safety!  One thing that we would like to see incorporated in this project that we proposed to the City is called “Beat the Heat.”  It was put together by Police and Fire Fighters Nationwide to help reduce teenagers from illegal street racing and bring them into a controlled environment and teach them about safety.

I am always open for debate between the City and myself regarding this project and their projects.

In closing, I am including my phone number and email address for anyone that has any questions or comments regarding this.  I am looking for any feedback, negative or positive, I will respond.  Depending on the feedback, we will be holding town hall meetings and be out on the streets getting signatures.  So please be sure to give me your feedback.

Thank you,

Lee Skinner