Well, today is Election Day.  I am under-whelmed by the lack of information and campaigning by those who are on the ballot.  No advertisements; not mailings or statements of positions on critical issues; and no yard signs.  I suspect the candidates have been less than forthcoming about how they stand on the issues (or even what the issues are), because you would have reported them if they had.


I voted.  But, I am not excited about my vote.  I don’t know if there will be a run off, but I do hope that the candidates for the other seat will at least let us know what their priorities are for the City and how they stand on issues.


One has to wonder if these candidates really care about the position for which they are seeking election, or if they think they can just waltz into office on their well known name.  I have news for them.  Most people in Cushing don’t know who they are.  The sad part is most people in Cushing don’t vote, and maybe the ones who do vote know at least one of the candidates.


A Disheartened Voter