It’s not often that the KUSH Girls get to speak in person, but at Thursday’s regular Rotary meeting, they got to do just that…

KUSH Girls Donna and Molly were invited to speak to the Rotary Club by Rotarian of the Day, Joe Kennedy.  Kennedy introduced them saying, “When I realized two weeks ago that I had today’s program, I thought – ‘what’s the biggest new thing going on in Cushing right now?’ – and I thought of the Donna and Molly Show.  I listen every morning – unless, of course, I’m out of town.”

Kennedy, the owner of Pro Events, has been working diligently on the remodeling of one of downtown Cushing’s key buildings located on the corner of Broadway and Cleveland.  Kennedy said he hopes it will be completed within the next couple of months.  A recording studio is just one of the things it will house.

Prior to Kennedy’s flattering introduction, Donna was presented a surprise gift by Rotary president Rick Ahrberg.  “I hear you’ve taken up golf,” Ahrberg said with a grin, “on behalf of Bob Felts, here’s something to help your golf game – a great big driver.”

From the audience, Felts, a guest of Rotarian Tanya Rhoten, said he had heard the Donna and Molly Show earlier when Donna was talking about wanting a “big, fat driver” and since he was downsizing, he thought he’d pass it on to her.  Felts’ generosity rendered Donna speechless – not an easy task.

The KUSH Girls gave a bit of the background as to how they met over 32 years ago while working at KFC in Cushing and had remained friends over the years.  They also told how the Donna and Molly Show came to be – “After we started working for Sean on the website,” Donna said, “he heard us bantering back and forth like we do and told us he was going to put us on the air…”

And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Since the Donna and Molly Show debuted Aug. 4, 2008, they said they’ve had the privilege to interview over 150 people from the community and seen the website grow.  They also emphasized the importance of shopping locally when at all possible.  “It’s our local businesses that allow us to do what we do,” Donna said. “Shopping locally is good for everyone – and we all need to work together.”

The KUSH Girls ended their Rotary visit by giving away a KUSH Girl T-shirt to Lucky Number 13 – Dr. Robert Mullins.

The KUSH Girls want to thank Joe Kennedy and their Rotarian friends for a day to remember.  As for Donna and her “big, fat driver,” – she’s back to talking, but she’s still sporting a big, fat grin.

Cushing Rotary Club meets each Thursday at noon at the Steer Inn, located at 1340 E. Main in Cushing.