Right off the heels of their big 90th anniversary celebration, Cushing Rotarians welcomed special guest Koln Knight at Thursday’s regular meeting.

Knight, invited to speak by Rotarian of the Day Kris Kinzie, was selected by Cushing Public Schools board members in April to replace retiring superintendent Eddie Williams.  Knight will begin his tenure on July 1st.

“I’m so honored an appreciative to have been chosen to be the superintendent of Cushing Public Schools,” Knight told the group. 

Knight, who originally hails from Beresford, S. D., admitted his moved to Oklahoma was “an adventure” so he could “ride dirt bikes and motorcycles year ’round.”  But much to his surprise, “it didn’t take long for this community to feel like home to me and my wife.”  He and his wife Nancy have lived here over 20 years now and have two children, one a sophomore at CHS and the other a senior.  “We love it here.  It’s a great place to live.”

Knight gave a brief update on how bond money will be spent and the amount of stimulus dollars Cushing can be expected to see.

“We will be receiving $668,000 over the next two years,” he said, pointing out the sums that will be designated for special education projects, including computer white boards for special education classes and two handicap buses that were originally in the proposed bond money.  Another $400,000 will go to shore up the general fund.

Knight acknowledges that like any job, there are challenges ahead.  “I want to focus on doing what’s best with our money as well as having the best people on staff.” 

Knight just recently hired a new baseball coach, Charles Copeland.  “All the reports I’ve received started out by saying, ‘he’s a class act’ and a ‘great kid,"” Knight said.

With approximately two weeks left before he officially takes over the role of superintendent, Knight indicated he was more than ready for the tasks at hand. “I’m not afraid of change,” he said.  “And no matter how good we might be doing, we
 can always do better.”