Jewels for Life Co-Founder Julie Kennedy along with Dr. Linda Poe, Director of Therapeutic Foster Care of Saint Francis and Therapist Gloria Moore of Saint Francis made a special appearance on the Manic Monday addition of the Donna and Molly Show.

Jewels For Life’s Co-founders, Mike and Julie Kennedy are proud to partner with Saint Francis Community Services Therapeutic Foster Care program. Saint Francis is a faith based agency, and will be providing the financial support for the Phase I A- therapeutic program. Phase I is being expanded and divided into Phase I A – Therapeutic and Phase I B – Assessment.

Phase 1 A placements will be specifically for DHS custody children with behavior disorders as well as special education and medical needs. Due to the extensive needs of some of the young mothers, Phase I A will be housed in the Kennedy home. This allows for intensive services to be provided by the Kennedy’s, utilizing their 25 years of experience with fostering children with challenging behaviors and issues, as well as the specialized services that Saint Francis Foster Care program will provide. Phase I A will have no more than two mothers to allow for focus on their specialized needs.

Phase 1 B will be built as a family home and will be staffed with house parents that will receive training and support from the Kennedy’s. This expansion of Phase 1 will allow for up to six mothers to be served.

Adding the Phase I A program allows for Jewels for Life to begin serving the at risk population of custody children, one of the highest populations of teen mothers, while continuing to raise support and funding for the building of the remaining phases. Phase I A mothers, may, with DHS approval, step down to Phase I B when the need for more intensive services is reduced.

The program is the first of its kind in Oklahoma.

If you or someone you know can help this worthwhile community group, please contact:

Jewels For Life at 918-225-1632 or visit their website at:

If you would like information on becoming a foster parent please contact: Gloria Moore or Dr. Linda Poe at 1-405-533-3570 or email Linda at [email protected] or Gloria at [email protected]

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