“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”   Matthew 6:21

     A man had been taught that if you are having trouble accepting someone else or getting along with them, you should buy them an expensive gift.  The church he attended had hired a new pastor who was totally different from the previous one.  Being unable to adjust, he decided to buy the new pastor a suit. 

     After giving the gift of a suit, he noticed his feelings had been gradually changing toward the new pastor.  It was not long before he became a loyal supporter and worked with the pastor on several long-range important projects.  Investing some of his money in the pastor was the first step to that changed attitude.

     If we are having problems staying faithful to God, it is highly likely that giving to others has not been a priority in our life.  Giving of our time, talents and money protects us from evil and becoming self-centered.

Prayer for the day: God, teach me to be a more loving and giving person.