An investigation by Cushing police and the Cimarron Correctional facility has led to the arrest of Oklahoma City resident Yesenia Ochoa, Hispanic Female, 18, on charges that she allegedly tried to smuggle illegal street drugs into the Cimarron Correctional Facility.

During a visit to an inmate at the Cimarron Correctional Facility, Ochoa was observed trying to pass something to the inmate she was visiting. During an investigation by Cushing police officer Carson Watts, he field tested a portion of the seized substance seized by the correctional staff, and it field tested presumptive position as marijuana.

Once Officer Watts completed his investigation, he placed Ochoa under arrest for bringing a controlled dangerous substance (marijuana) into the prison. Officer Watts took Ochoa to the Cushing jail where she was processed without incident.

While processing the evidence at the police department, Officer Watts discovered a clear crystal substance, which field tested presumptive positive as methamphetamine. Both substances that were seized will be sent to the O.S.B.I. laboratory for further analysis. Ochoa was held on additional complaints of unlawful delivery of a controlled drug (marijuana) and (methamphetamine).

“Again, this arrest continues to reflect a positive, cooperative effort between us and the Cimarron Correctional Facility”, Deputy Chief Tully Folden said. “Anytime you can remove drugs from a penal institution, it furthers the safety and security of the institution. Officer Watts did a good job working with the correctional staff to close this investigation. This cooperative investigation continues to reflect our commitment to a safe, livable Cushing”, Folden said.

Ochoa was taken to the Payne County jail where she is being held on a formal charge of brining a controlled dangerous substance (marijuana) in to a penal institution in lieu of a $10,000 bond.