(STILLWATER, Okla)  – A Payne County Jail inmate has been placed in isolation where he could remain until completion of his jail term after setting off the sprinkler system Wednesday afternoon.   Payne County Sheriff R.B. Hauf estimates the damages at $2500 dollars.  Hauf says the medical records computer and a control computer got wet.   Hauf says inmate Johnnie Duane Brown popped a sensor out of the sprinkler system,  sending a large volume of water into his cell.  The water leaked onto the first floor. 

Hauf says specific charges will be up to the District Attorney’s office,  but that Brown may have to pay to replace the sprinkler, the cost from the fire department run and any damages.

The crime, malicious injury of property, is a felony if the damage is more than $2,500, according to Hauf.

The sprinkler went off in only one cell,  and the doors are not set to automatically unlock.