In an effort to promote a clean, livable Cushing, Code Enforcement is encouraging citizens to consider removing inoperable cars that may be sitting around their residence. The following information will define what is considered a “junk vehicle”, and how violations are handled:

A junk vehicle is viewed as a vehicle that is dismantled, up on blocks or inoperable. Most of the time, a junk vehicle is investigated when a complaint is received. In addition, before Code Enforcement can take action against an alleged property for a junk vehicle, it has to be on the property not in the street.  

Once Code Enforcement conducts it investigation, the owner of the vehicle and the property owner where the vehicle is located is then sent a letter of a notice of nuisance. They then have 10 days to either remove the vehicle or repair it, making it in operable condition. The vehicle must be able to run and move forwards and backwards under its own power. If after the 10 days the vehicle is still inoperable the City has the right to have the vehicle towed from the property and a fine up to $500.00 could be assessed.


Code Enforcement spokesperson Paul Bell said, “Code Enforcement really does exist to help make Cushing a cleaner, more livable community. In most instances, Code Enforcement is viewed as being adversarial when in fact our mission is to help residential and business owners live and build safely. More often than not, we are able to help many residential and business owners once they realize our intent is to never do anything to harm them, but to help them build better neighborhoods and businesses.”

If anyone has any questions regarding a possible junk vehicle they can contact the Code Enforcement office at 225-6165, Monday thru Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.