Dear Molly,

You are truly amazing. I really appreciate how you took the time to attend and report on our “Gathering of the Flock”.  It was an exceptional evening and I have passed on the web site to the chat room, so those not attending could witness the event.

Cushing is very blessed to have a media that will attend functions and report events of local interest on a web site that is very easy to read and navigate. I check the KUSH site several times a day because I know if it is happening, the KUSH Girls or Sean will be there to provide the latest updates.

The “Gathering of the Flock” meeting went off without a hitch thanks to Kris Kinzie (Steer Inn) and Amber our server for the evening. Their hospitality showed the true spirit of Cushing. With Jo Jo the clown on site, you know a good time will happen. Kevin Clouse provides Cushing with many hours of dedicated service and certainly deserves the thanks of the whole town for making visiters feel welcome. I gave everyone short notice of the gathering, because it was pulled together at the last minute. KUSH Radio, Steer Inn, Bank of Cushing, and Jo Jo all went the extra mile to make it successful. I especially thank you Molly, I know that you were attending a Rodeo meeting at 4 p.m., putting the final touches on the wonderful Rodeo paper I just finished reading, and still took time to join us. It has to be time management and a love of your community.

Alan Jenkins, Assistant Director of the Sutton Center and his wife drove in from Bartlesville, others came from Wagoner, Tulsa, Edmond, Ponca City, Sapulpa and South Carolina by way of Perkins. Each of these people made a special effort to meet and greet and they all left Cushing with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Thank you KUSH Radio for caring enough about this community, to see that we have the informative, non-bias news at our fingertips. Be it large or small, KUSH is there for it all!


Penny Jenkins