The first week of March 2009 is less than a week away.

We will go back in time in March. When I hear the music that accompanies March’s

Classmate Feature Story, I feel like dancing and I can’t resist an instantaneous

smile! If you haven’t visited our website recently, you probably don’t know

which classmate will be featured or what year our feature graduated from CHS.

Okay, I’ll tell you who it is. March 2009 Featured Classmate is Jay Daniel – CHS 1961!

Here’s where we open up Memory Lane. Do you remember the TV hit program,

“Moonlighting”? His page’s music will be the theme song! Every time I view Jay’s page,

I want to run to the TV set, turn it on and watch Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd

work their magic in a Jay Daniel produced episode of “Moonlighting”.

I’m excited about it and hope you will drop by our website often and see what’s going on.

If you visit our Classmate Story link:

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you will see what features are scheduled in the upcoming months and I can

tell you there are treats in store for you. AND if you register as a website member, you will have access to the password protected pages. AND Carol Wilson-Snow’s (CHS 1957) page

has been added ( ).

This weekend I read her new book, “The Gray Warriors”. I couldn’t put it down.

MY REVIEW: It is as though the reader is having a personal conversation with the authors (Carol and her husband, Howard) who are telling an exciting and adventurous story based on actual events. It’s movie material! I’m hoping there’s a sequel in the works! Hollywood, please come calling!

I am still working on the Dora Hobbs Memorial Pages – many of them are under construction. The ‘Forums’ feature of our website is catching on! All site members can take part. Alumni, WE WANT YOUR STORY! We have Alumni members from 1946 through 1965 – Come on Everybody!

Explore the links below! You will find MANY, MANY good reasons to attend the

All School Reunion May 22 – 24, 2009 and 1963 CHS’ers are having their 46th Reunion.

TURN UP THE SOUND AND ENJOY! Now’s the time to make your plans to attend!


Other reunions that I’m aware of: CHS 1959 – 50th reunion and CHS 1964 – 45th reunion.

Link to Mini-Reunion Recap:




This year we have something new going on! A Memorial Day Service (5-24-09)conducted by Veterans Chaplain Newby and 1st Lt Jim Pugh, ret. (CHS 1963). We need ALL classes

to get involved. We are conducting a fund raising campaign to pay the Chaplain’s

expenses to/from his home in Salt Lake, Utah. Below is a message from 1st Lt. Pugh.

Some Alumni who are unable to attend are sending in their pledges. Join us in

bringing home our Veterans in person and in spirit.


Memorial Service 5/24/2009 – The amount needed for Chaplain Claude Newby’s

expenses is $1000 – $1200. I have kicked off the fundraising by giving $20

towards the Memorial Day Service. I have named this project 99 bottles because

my goal is to get 100 people to donate $10-$20 each or more. With the donations,

thus far, we are at 87 bottles and counting down. Any money over and above

will be donated to the CHS Alumni Assoc. Lets keep the money coming in &

pay it forward for Active Military and our beloved Veterans.

Let’s get everyone in on this.

Now we need only $1000 and I know all classes including our class will do it.

A Memorial service for Cushing’s Heroes that I hope will help all Vets, and active

duty members of our armed services. To have Chaplain Newby speak is an honor in itself.

He is a true Hero and a Vet’s Vet!!!! Claude and I will be in Cushing for Memorial Day.

I owe my fellow Vets from Cushing, including our beloved Coach O’Dell, my all. This

WILL Happen. Come on all classes, give your $20 and HONOR our Vets.

My heart is in this and I want to give back to a small town that gave me a will to

Love, Fight, and to love our God ! May God Bless All of you and our Vets !!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009: arrangements made by Church Elder James McCracken,

CHS 1963 Services will be held at Cushing Christian Church, 302 S. Linwood, Cushing

Regular Service 9:30 – 10:30 will include a patriotic video accompanied by church choir

Veterans are welcome and will be recognized

Veteran Memorial Service 10:30 – 11:30

led by Veterans Chaplain Newby and 1st Lt Jim Pugh ret.

non-denominational service – communion will be observed

Reception/Social 2:00 – 4:00 with refreshments

A love offering will be collected to help pay Chaplain Newby’s expenses.

If you would like to take part in the fundraising effort, please contact

Jim Pugh – [email protected] or me [email protected].


Jim Pugh – CHS 1963

Some people like our recipe section and some are undecided. However, the pros

outweigh the cons – so today, I gave it a new look! I also added healthy recipe

website links and new recipes

( ).

If you enjoy this section, please check it out. If you’re not crazy about it,

browse the other pages and I’m sure you’ll find something that will catch your eye.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and hope we’ll be seeing you

in May 2009! Lets make this the best ever All School Reunion.

AND I look forward to seeing you on the website!

Sign our Guestbook, register as a member and join in the fun!

We’re never too old to be young!

Peggy Randall-Martin

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