(Stillwater) – A former Agra man who was sought for nearly two years for his alleged failure to pay $14,232 in child support has been ordered to appear in court on April 7 when he can ask for a preliminary hearing on the felony charge in Payne County.

Samuel Don VanBrunt, 45, who now lives in Enid, indicated he was unemployed when he was arrested last month on a warrant that had been issued in 2006, court records show.

VanBrunt was among the 32 alleged deadbeat parents — accused of failing to pay a total of about $500,00 in back child support — for whom the Payne County District Attorney’s Office sought arrest warrants in April 2006.

VanBrunt was released from the Payne County Jail on $1,000 bond following his arrest. He was given a court-appointed attorney to represent him on the felony charge, which carries a maximum four-year prison term and a $5,000 fine on conviction.

An affidavit by Karen Lawler, an enforcement worker with the Child Support Enforcement Division of the District Attorney’s Office, said that in 1998, VanBrunt was ordered by the court to pay his ex-wife $100 per month for the support of his then 6-year-old child. The child support order was later modified to $214 per month, the affidavit said.

VanBrunt was alleged to owe $14,232 in back child support as of April 28, 2006, when the felony charge was filed against him by Payne County prosecutor Laura Austin Thomas, court records show.