Fishing is a great way to spend a summer day.  Most serious fishermen, like Hunter Judd and Cliff Madden, will tell you that early morning, late evening and night time fishing is the way to go when summer temperatures send most folks to their easy chair, opting for a great movie instead.  Judd and Madden, have spent many a summer day in search of a great mess of fish to save back in the freezer for a cold winter day or perhaps to host a big fish fry for friends on a summer evening.  
When asked where the best fishing holes are in the Cushing area, Hunter grinned and said… a fisherman doesn’t give out the sacred spots for catching beauties like the flat head, channel or blue cat seen in the related photo to this story.  Judd did, however, confess that the Cushing City Lake and the Cimarron River have been hot spots for he and his fishing buddy, Cliff. 
Hunter spent time in Tulsa as a journeyman meat cutter, has his own knives from working in the industry, and enjoys the art of meat cutting and cooking. Watching him fillet fish with such ease, is impressive to say the least.  
Judd will soon be cutting nothing but the best cuts of meat for Big Rob’s, a restaurant specializing in Steaks, BBQ, Seafood and Pasta, opening next week on June 24.
Big Rob’s is located at 2320 East Main (formerly Taste of Tuscany restaurant) in Cushing.