With the closing days of Christmas quickly approaching, the Cushing Fire Department wants to remind citizens to be mindful of the hazards that can be unfortunately associated with the hurriedness of the season.

Cushing fire Chief Brent Kerr said, “Safety can never be far from ones mind during anytime of the year, but with the hurriedness of this last week, safety can become secondary. I want our citizens to enjoy this holiday season, remaining committed to a safe, fire free holiday season.”

The fire department is offering the following sensible suggestions:

-Be sure to test your smoke detectors.

-Clean the oven and stove prior to the holiday. Often the extra load on these appliances causes a fire due to the high use and extra grease build-up.

-Keep kitchen clutter away from the stove and oven.

-Be extra careful with matches and candles. Candles should be made of flame retardant materials – look for a label stating such.

-Avoid loose, flammable clothing. Clothing often catches on fire around candles, matches, fireplaces and stoves (both electric and gas).

-Keep decorations away from sources of heat such as open flames, electric heaters and exposed electric bulbs.

-Don’t overload electric outlets. Inspect electrical cords and light sets. If in doubt, throw them out.

-Do not use candles on or near the tree.

-Safely dispose of your tree before it becomes dangerously dry, however never burn tree or tree parts in your fireplace.

-Use only outdoor lights for “outdoors”

-Turn off all Christmas lights, prior to leaving your home or going to bed.

-Mini lights are safest because they produce less heat.

-Avoid using extension cords, but if you do follow instructions carefully.

-Do not overload electrical circuits, such as wall outlets and extension cords, use a circuit strip.

-Keep combustible materials away from heat sources.