By: Patti Weaver

(Stillwater, Okla.) — An ex-convict with a history of convictions for drunk driving and possessing drugs avoided a jury trial today on an indecent exposure charge in Stillwater by accepting a plea bargain with the prosecution for a four-year prison term and an order to register as a sex offender.

Earl Ray Talley Jr., 42, of Stillwater, who has been in the Payne County Jail since his arrest on Aug. 12, 2020, pleaded guilty last week to exposing himself at a Stillwater apartment complex while he was living there last summer.

Police had been sent to an apartment complex on N. Boomer Road at 2:33 pm on July 20, 2020, regarding a fight in progress on the second floor, Stillwater Police Detective Sherae LeJeune wrote in an affidavit.

Talley had a two-inch cut above his right ear that his neighbor admitted giving him after Talley punched him in the face, the affidavit alleged.

An officer was later dispatched to the emergency room about statements Talley made to a nurse, the affidavit alleged.

“The nurse reported veiled threats of harm (to the neighbor) that Earl (Talley) made,” the affidavit alleged.

An officer spoke to that neighbor and his wife, who said “Earl would often bang on their door during the day and night while intoxicated,” the affidavit alleged.

“On this date, Earl banged on their door,” and was mad because he could not have sex with another woman living there, the affidavit alleged.

“A physical altercation broke out between the two, which resulted in injuries to both parties,” the affidavit alleged.

About five hours later, an officer was sent to the same apartment complex about an indecent exposure investigation, the affidavit said.

A woman on another floor of the building said that Talley knocked on her door and asked her to quiet down; she told Talley they were not being loud, the affidavit alleged.

Talley began to walk up the stairs to his apartment; when he reached the landing, he told her he was going to have sex with her, and then walked halfway down the steps to expose himself to her and her boyfriend, the affidavit alleged.

When Talley was interviewed by police, he denied ever speaking to the woman and said he had just gotten home from the emergency room, the affidavit said.

Because of his criminal record, Talley could have been given as much as a life prison term if convicted by a jury of indecent exposure after former conviction of two or more felonies.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and court records, Talley had previously been convicted of:

* leaving the scene of a non-injury accident in El Reno in 2012 for which he was placed on probation for one year and 10 months, with 60 days in the Canadian County Jail;

* drunk driving, possessing methamphetamine, and leaving the scene of an accident in Kingfisher in 2015 for which he was given concurrent prison terms in 2017 of five years for DUI, 12 years for meth possession, and one year for hit and run in Kingfisher County, but was apparently paroled in 2019 after serving about one year;

* drunk driving in Kingfisher in 2016 for which he was given a concurrent five-year prison term in 2017, but served about one year and three months;

* drunk driving in Canadian County in 2016 for which he was given a concurrent four-year prison term in 2018, but served about one year;

* possession of alprazolam in Kingfisher in 2016 for which he was given a concurrent 10-year prison term in 2017, from which he was apparently paroled in 2019.