By Patti Weaver

    (Stillwater, Okla.) — An arrest warrant has been issued for a 49-year-old ex-convict accused of firing a rifle into a couch while his girlfriend was sitting on it, dragging her by her hair through their house in Stillwater, and destroying her cell phone by stomping on it.
    Due to his criminal record, Terril Eugene Wright could be given a prison term from three years to life if convicted of feloniously pointing a firearm. Wright could also be given two years in jail if convicted of domestic abuse and malicious injury to property.
    His girlfriend, who believed he would kill her, said she had known Wright for over 30 years, Stillwater Police Officer Rachel Bruce wrote in an affidavit.
    “Wright had been to prison for about eight years for various different charges. She told me she believed Wright was a changed person and was trying to make a new life for himself,” the Stillwater officer wrote in her affidavit.
    Wright’s girlfriend was crouched by a house, hanging onto a dog by its harness, and appeared to be hiding while crying and constantly looking over her shoulder at another house when the officer saw her at 10:44 pm on March 24, the affidavit said.
    Wright’s girlfriend “told me her boyfriend was drunk and had been inside the residence destroying her belongings. She said she could not go back inside the house because she believed he would kill her,” the officer alleged in her affidavit.
    She said that Wright “had threatened to kill her, physically assaulted her and fired a gun in their home twice in the last few weeks,” the affidavit alleged. She said, “she and Wright had been in a romantic relationship since December 2021,” the affidavit said.
    She said during the first incident on Feb. 19, 2022, “Wright physically assaulted her, threatened to kill her, and discharged a rifle at the floor inside the residence,” the affidavit alleged.
    She said that the second time Wright used a firearm in their residence was on March 11, 2022, when he “became angry with her through text messages after he had been drinking alcohol,” the affidavit alleged. She said he dragged her around the house by her hair, the affidavit alleged.
    She said when she refused to turn her cell phone over to him, he took it from her, tried to force it into her mouth, threw it down about eight times and then used his boot to stomp on it, the affidavit alleged.
    She said, “Wright retrieved the same rifle he had used the previous time and fired a round into the couch, where (she) and her dog were sitting. She reported there was a hole in the couch cushion, and it blew a large hole in the back of the couch. (She) recalled her ears ringing after this occurred because it was so close to her,” the affidavit alleged.
    “Before Wright fired the gun into the couch where she was sitting, he told (her), ‘I don’t f… around. I will kill you!’ He also threatened that if anyone came to the house to help her, there would be a ‘shootout.’ He also told her he would not go back to prison. (She) said after he fired the gun, he went into the bedroom and passed out,” the affidavit alleged.
    She said she was too scared to contact police after either incident: “Wright had threatened to kill her during both incidents and she believed him. She fled the residence on March 24, 2022, because she believed he would actually shoot and kill her,” the affidavit alleged.
    According to the state Department of Corrections, Wright had been paroled from prison on Sept. 16, 2020, from a 10-year sentence after serving about three years for possessing methamphetamine with intent to distribute in 2017 in Logan County where he was also given concurrent five-year sentences for drunk driving and eluding a police officer.
    DOC records also show that Wright had been previously convicted of:
    * child endangerment by drunk driving in 2012 in Cleveland County for which he was given a six-year prison term in 2013 of which he served less than two years before his release in 2015;
    * using an offensive weapon in a felony, drug possession, concealing stolen property, unauthorized use of a vehicle, and eluding a police officer in 2013 in Oklahoma County, for which he was given concurrent prison terms of 2,183 days of which he served less than two years;

    * entering a premise with intent to steal copper in 2008 in Oklahoma County for which he was given a five-year probationary sentence.