(Stillwater) — An ex-convict from Creek County who is accused of kicking Cushing Police Officer Adam Harp in the shin on Saturday of Labor Day Weekend was arraigned Wednesday on a Payne County felony charge of aggravated assault and battery on a peace officer.
    Joe Crawford, 49, of Bristow, whose criminal record includes assault and battery on a police officer in Creek County in 2004, remained in the Payne County Jail Wednesday in lieu of posting $7,500 bail, court records show.
    In a two-count charge filed Wednesday, Crawford also was accused of being intoxicated on Saturday at 1428 S. Little Ave. in Cushing. He was ordered to return to court on Oct. 5 when he can ask for a preliminary hearing on his felony charge.
    Crawford got out of prison two years ago after serving about three years, state Department of Corrections records show.
    In Creek County, he was convicted of second-degree burglary in 1982, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in 2001, and domestic abuse, throwing human waste on a police officer after a former felony conviction and assault and battery on a police officer after a former felony conviction, all in 2004, DOC records show.