Disclaimer-All arrestees are presumed innocent until proven guilty

(Times stated are the reported on or the start date of each event.)



16:16 on 04/30/18, Public Peace Unattended Death, 1202 Spruce Drive


21:41 on 05/03/18, Justin Eric Swafford, Other Offenses-Non Traffic, Offense Location 604 East 4th Street


09:30 on 05/04/18, Dusty Rene Watts, Warrants for Other Agency, Offense Location 300 East Broadway


21:45 on 05/04/18, Suspect, Counterfeiting and Forgery, Offense Location 706 East Broadway


05:00 on 05/06/18, Justin Michael Williams, Other Offenses – Non Traffic, Drunkenness, Offense Location 726 Northside Drive



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