It’s been a long time coming, but on Friday retired members of the Cushing Police Department took aim – and fired.  The long-awaited Firearms Training Facility is officially open for business – police business that is.

While it is actually a re-opening, it is no less exciting to Police Chief Terry Brannon.

“We re-opened what has been along time dream for our department,” Brannon told KUSH.  “That is our Firearms Training Facility.  We lost use of the facility in the mid 90s when it was once thought the present CCA  would be constructed there, but was later built at its current site.”

According to Brannon, the facility constructed in 1982 was under the supervision of the late Chief Don Gourley.  One of the key people instrumental in the site construction was retired Chief Calvin Wright.  Once funding for the new training facility was approved, Wright was asked to lead the re-opening project. 
“Chief Wright was a good leader when he served our department,” Brannon said, “he took another opportunity to bless his department by serving as a project leader.”

Chief Brannon also wanted to commend the members of Public Works who participated in the re-opening.

“We had outstanding cooperation from members of public works,” Brannon continued.  “Parks, Water Distribution, Streets and Power – all of these departments served in some way – which saved our taxpayers eve more dollars in terms of labor costs.  Without question, we have a talented group of men and women who work for the city.”

In addition to those participants, Brannon said several corporate sponsors stepped in to help Cushing Police Department.  Teppco Oil Company gave a $1500 community partnership grant, A+ Welding and Construction, Armstrong, owner, donated over $2,000 in berm work, which Brannon deemed “a tremendous savings.”  Vince Meyers Welding and Construction provided bobcat services which contributed to the savings even more.

“I want  to thank these corporate sponsors for their generous donation of equipment, time and monetary support,” Brannon said. 

Brannon went on to say the project could not have been done without the support of City leaders.

“Mayor Henckel and the Commission captured our vision and helped to provide funding to make this happen in a very tight fiscal year,” Brannon stated.  “In addition, the support of our City Manager Steve Spears has been nothing less than outstanding.  Steve recognized the need and worked to get us the funding needed to make this project happen.”

A final thank you went to the taxpayers.  “Our biggest supporters,” Brannon concluded, “our taxpayers.  Their investment right here in Cushing – through shoppinhg and the like – has provided the funding necessary to make our firearms facility a reality.”

The Firearms Training Facility is located near the Cushing Regional Airport and will be open to the public in the near future on select days of the week and for a nominal fee.