Dr. Robert Sonnenchein, cardiologist OHI,  says:

“We have already talked about eating less and stopping salt.  But, what should we eat? 

In general we should eat more fruit and vegetables and less fatty meat.  So, when we eat meat, make it lean and limit the amount, 6 ounces is more than enough.  Instead eat fish and chicken without the skin.

Absolutely no frying!

Bake, broil or grill meats, fish and chicken.   Frying ads way to many calories, and cut back on the gravy it just adds calories. 

Cut back on sugar and limit desserts and sweets. 

Remember, eat smarter and eat less or there is no chance of controlling weight.”

Dr. Robert Sonnenschein

Cushing Medical Complex

1023 E. Cherry, Suite B

Cushing, OK 74023

(918) 225-1233