The Downtown Cushing Main Street design committee welcomed Oklahoma Main Street architect, Ron Franz on Monday. Franz toured several buildings downtown and then met with members of the design team to show them examples of “hidden treasures.”

Franz presented a slide show of various buildings throughout Oklahoma that are being preserved – sometimes simply through hard work, ingenuity and a relatively few dollars.

“I find that small towns tend to be more creative,” Franz said. A portion of the slideshow was dedicated to how paint can make a huge difference.

“Don’t faint, it’s only paint,” quipped Franz.

Other slides showed the dismantling of facades only to discover a beautiful, architecturally sound building behind. Franz also showed how signs and awnings could bring together a block of buildings.

“There are all sorts of ways to make a building look better,” Franz said, “and they don’t have to be expensive.”

To learn more about the Downtown Cushing Main Street program contact Rick Reiley at (918) 225-2100.