The Downtown Cushing Main Street ER Committee (Economic Restructuring) has scheduled a two hour code enforcement workshop for people interested in tackling rehab or remodel work. The workshop will be held Wednesday morning July 30 from 7:30 to 9:30 am. It will begin in the new conference room at Edward D. Jones Office of Grant McNeal at 108 W. Broadway in Downtown Cushing. Code enforcement officers Paul Bell and Glen Cates Jr. will be on hand to explain their duties and some of the issues they deal with on a regular basis.

The newly formed committee is chaired by Bobby Farley with Bill Cubbage, Joe Kennedy, Bret Anderson and Harry Escott as committee members.

The group will meet for 30-45 minutes and then take a walk-through tour of three downtown properties. The Edward D. Jones building will be first and will be shown as an example of the most recently completed rehab project downtown, followed by Joe Kennedy’s three story property on Cleveland street as an example of a project about to get underway. The third property on the tour is owned by Bret Anderson and will be viewed as potential upper story housing project.

Attendees will get to see what issues these owners have dealt with and will have the opportunity to participate in the question and answer session.

The purpose is to showcase current projects and improvements as well as to encourage further development and rehab of historic properties downtown.

All those interested please call the Downtown Cushing Main Street office at 225-2100, or Bobby Farley at 225-0025.

Rolls and coffee will be served.