KUSH is proud to announce that each Friday morning on the Donna and Molly Show, representatives from the Cushing schools will be talking about what’s going on at different schools.  Our thanks to Lori Payne for helping to put that part of the program together.

But that’s not all…

Also appearing on the “Fun Friday” edition of the show is Jake Music – spokesperson for the CHS Quarterback Club.  He is a great supporter of all the school programs and is excited that KUSH is giving them the opportunity via the airwaves.  Jake is hoping to round up some of the guys and gals participating in the sports program to join him on the Donna and Molly Show.

These segments will not only give the kids a chance to talk about what’s going on in their world, but will give listeners the chance to get to know the future leaders of Cushing.  Be sure to tune into the Donna and Molly Show, weekdays, 7 – 10 a.m. at 1600 on your AM dial – and yes, you probably do still have an AM dial!

Click on the School News page to read about what’s happening at Cushing schools.