Dakota Simpson recently completed the first step to becoming a full-fledged officer for the Cushing Police Department.  

Simpson completed his 14 1/2 weeks at the Police Academy in Ada on Dec. 22 and is currently undergoing field training at Cushing PD.

“I am happy to have Dakota on board,” Chief Brannon said.  “He’s from Cushing – so he understands Cushing.  Typically, that [being from Cushing] has served the community well.”

Simpson said Brannon approached him while he was working for the Street Department and urged him to think about becoming a police officer.

“I hadn’t ever really thought about it,” Simpson admitted.  “But so far, I really enjoy it.”

Prior to attending the academy, Simpson served as interim Animal Control officer.  He is a 2006 graduate of Cushing High School as well as a state wrestling champ.  He is married and has one child.