Media Release


January 22, 2021

(Stillwater, OK)  District Attorney Laura Austin Thomas announced that Johnny Lee Graham was sentenced January 21, by Payne County Associate District Judge Stephen Kistler, in a case where Graham was charged with fondling a six (6) year old child. After the child testified at a preliminary hearing in April 2019, the case was set for jury trial. In a pre-trial hearing in October 2020, the State of Oklahoma presented four adult witnesses who testified to having been sexually molested by Graham when they were children. After that testimony was presented, Graham waived jury trial and entered a plea in which he did not contest his guilt. The State and Graham had no agreement regarding punishment making imposition of sentence entirely up to the judge. Graham who is now 68 years old and in poor health argued a suspended sentence with supervision and sex offender registration requirements would be adequate punishment to protect the community. The State argued that Graham’s crimes and their impact on his victims were not mitigated by his age or health and that he should be incarcerated. Judge Kistler found Graham guilty and ordered him to serve 25 years in prison, with the last 18 years to be served on probation. Graham was remanded to the custody of the Payne County Sheriff for immediate transport to the Department of Corrections. He will be required to serve at least 85% of the seven year incarceration period before he can receive good time credit or be considered for parole. He will be required to register as a sex offender for the remainder of his life.

District Attorney Thomas said the victims and their families were happy with the sentence and were relieved that Graham was finally facing accountability for his actions. “Even when children tell what is happening to them, the adults in their lives are not always willing to report an offender to law enforcement. Children cannot protect themselves from these predators. In this case, the guardian of the young victim did the right thing and initiated the chain of events that led to this result. We are thankful to her and to the investigation of the Stillwater Police Department for making this prosecution possible. We especially appreciate the efforts of Investigator Mary Kellison who helped locate and document the experiences of the previous victims.”