(Cushing) – Cushing voters have approved all 8 proposed changes to the City Charter in a light turnout. Unofficial returns from the Payne County Election Board show that only about 360 people voted in the election. The closest vote came on proposition number 5, which will raise the purchasing authority of the City Commission without a vote of the people, that measure passed by 26 votes.

Here’s how each of the propositions fared:

Proposition No. 1: The proposed change is to provide that city commissioners will serve without pay. Currently, Commissioners receive $10 per meeting except the Chairman who receives $15.

Yes – 259

No – 100

Proposition No. 2: Provides that vacancies on the Board of Commissioners will be filled within sixty (60) days after the vacancy occurs. Currently, the vacancy must be filled within thirty (30) days.

Yes – 243

No – 116

Proposition No. 3: Provides that the city manager may have outside employment if approved by the Board of Commissioners.

Yes – 205

No – 153

Proposition No. 4: Removes the requirement that employees hired by the city manager live inside the city limits.

Yes – 257

No – 103

Proposition No. 5: Increases the purchasing authority of the Board of Commissioners to $185,000 without a vote of the people. Currently, the limit is $60,000.

Yes – 191

No – 165

Proposition No. 6: Provides that candidates for city commission are to file with the city clerk during the regular city hall office hours. Currently, the requirement is to file between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Yes – 280

No – 75

Proposition No. 7: Removes the requirement that names on an election ballot be rotated. Currently, each name is to appear at the head of the list of candidates an equal number of times.

Yes – 267

No – 86

Proposition No. 8: Provides for recall of city commissioners, establishing grounds for recall, and setting forth the procedures for recall. The new grounds are: (1) Violation of the City Charter; (2) Breach of oath of office; (3) Commission of a felony or crime of moral turpitude; and, (4) Violation of city, state or federal law. Currently, there are no stated grounds for recall.

Yes – 254

No -102

The results are unofficial until certified by the Payne County Election Board.